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UN Safe Conduct Pass

UN Safe Conduct Pass Korean War


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In the Korean War both sides used paper as a weapon.  The UN forces and the North Koreans and Chinese alike dropped millions of pamphlets, letters and entreaties to each other’s troops, in an attempt to influence the thoughts and motivations of their enemies.

There are many examples of the manipulative and calculated way each side sought to introduce dissent and apathy among the troops of the other.

Both sides issued safe conduct pass that were supposed to guarantee the bearer fair treatment if he surrendered to enemy forces.  Safe conduct pass encouraged soldiers to surrender.

This certificate guarantees good treatment to any enemy soldier desiring to cease fighting. Take this man to your nearest officer and treat him as an honourable prisoner of war.  The front of the pass depicts a Chinese Officer staring at a Chinese solder being shoot and an allied medic tending to a wounded Chinese soldier.

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Dimensions 12 x 6 x 1 mm


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