Gregory Peck & Buddy Ebson

Gregory Peck & Buddy Ebson Signed Studio Photo


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This 20 x 25.5 cm studio photo is from the movie Night People. Night People is a 1954 motion picture drama starring Gregory Peck, Broderick Crawford, Anita Bjork and Buddy Ebsen, directed by Nunnally Johnson. It was co-written by Jed Harris, a noted theatrical producer.  The story is set in Berlin during the years following World War II. Peck plays a counter-intelligence officer of the United States Army. At the time this movie was made, Berlin was a divided city but not yet isolated by the Berlin Wall. Gregory Peck plays Lt. Col. Steve Van Dyke and Buddy Ebsen plays M/Sgt. Eddie McColloch.  Boldly signed in back ink the signatures and photo are in excellent condition.




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