Chairman Mao The Little Red Book

Chairman Mao The Little Red Book & Party Badge


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Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung is a book of selected statements from speeches and writings by Mao Zedong, the former leader of Chinese Communist Party, published from 1964 to about 1976 and widely distributed during the Cultural Revolution. The most popular versions were printed in small sizes that could be easily carried and were bound in bright red covers, becoming commonly known in the West as The Little Red Book.  It is among the books with the largest number printed in history.

This an English version printed in the Peoples Republic of China in 1968.  It is a vest pocket version so slightly small than the original book easily carried in any pocket. The book comes with an original party badge from the 60’s. The badge came from a elderly Party Member from the Guizhou Provence.

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