Biggles of 266

Biggles of 266


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This Book  contains nine short stories, eight of which were originally published in BIGGLES IN FRANCE (1935) The stories are:-

FORWARD (by W. E. Johns)

A RIDE TO REMEMBER : Shot down, Biggles escapes from behind the lines in a German observation balloon (dust cover).

THE CAMERA: Colonel Raymond asks Biggles to recover a recognisance camera with a highly valuable lens.

THE PRIZE: 266 and 287 squadrons compete to see who can drop propaganda leaflets the furthest over the lines.

HUMBUGS: Biggles plays a trick on Wilkinson by arranging to have his kit dropped on a German aerodrome.

THE TURKEY :Biggles is determined to obtain a turkey for the mess Christmas dinner.

WAR IN HOT BLOOD: Biggles seeks revenge after a plane with Green Streamers deliberately kills Parker.

REPRISALS: When Algy gets into trouble with Captain Bitmore, Biggles pretends to be a Colonel.

THE CHALLENGE: After Biggles blows up a German wine cellar, he is invited to pay for the wine or fight a duel.

THE PILOT WHO LOST HIS WAY: (N.B. This story was originally published in Biggles Learns to Fly in 1935 as ‘The Spy in the Sky’)

The dust cover of the book shows Biggles hanging by one hand from a German balloon.

There are no story illustrations in this book

Published by the Thames Publishing Co in 1955.  The book is in good condition, with discolouration of the paper.  Dust jacket has wear on the corners and spine. Binding is tight no missing pages.


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