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Albert DeSalvo Signed Poem


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Printed 7 x 8.5 cm poem ‘The Boston Strangler’ signed on the reverse by Albert DeSalvo in black fountain pen.  Albert Henry DeSalvo born September 3, 1931 died November 25, 1973 was a criminal in Boston, Massachusetts, who confessed to being the ‘Boston Strangler’, the murderer of thirteen women in the Boston area.  DeSalvo was not imprisoned for these murders, however, but for a series of rapes. His murder confession has been disputed and debate continues as to which crimes DeSalvo had actually committed.  In July 2013, a DNA match between material found at the scene of the rape and murder of Mary Sullivan and DNA obtained from DeSalvo’s nephew linked Albert Henry DeSalvo to that crime and excluded 99.9 percent of the remaining population.  The poem on card board is in very good the condition; the signature is bold and very good condition.

The Boston Strangler poem beginning;

‘Here is the story of the Strangler, yet untold. The man who claims he strangled thirteen women young and old. The elusive Strangler, there he goes. Where his wander-lust sends him, no one knows’

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