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UN Safe Conduct Pass Korean War

In the Korean War both sides used paper as a weapon. The UN forces and the North Koreans and Chinese alike dropped millions of pamphlets, letters and entreaties to each other’s troops, in an attempt to influence the thoughts and motivations of their enemies. There are many examples of the manipulative and calculated way each Continue Reading

Unpublished Photos of Adolf Hitler

4 unpublished photos of Adolf Hitler during a public event.  The photos have been taken from the original negatives, these are not official photos taken by Hoffman but of a civilian during one of Adolf public parades and speeches.  All the photos are in excellent condition and measure 140 x 90 mm.

Black and white 9 x 14 cm vintage postcard of ‘The staff of the allied armies’ picturing Lt. Gen Bradley, Admiral Ramsay, Vice Air Marshall Leigh Mallory, Lt. Gen Biddle Smith, Air Marshall Tedder, General Eisenhower and Filed Marshall Montgomery.  Printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd, England.  The card is in overall very good Continue Reading

WW1 Medal Impressed To A Chaplain

WW1 medal (British War Medal) impressed to Chaplain Thomas Alphonsus Campbell.  Medal has the original ribbon and comes with all records including copies of the Chaplain’s handwritten diary when on the front line in France.  Very rare to find medals impressed to a Chaplain.