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As collectors we take pride in our work. We assure customers certificate of authentication with our collectibles. Have something you are really interested in? We can have a look out for you to hopefully find you requested items.

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About A Little Piece of History

I have been collecting autographs, books and other social history related items for 20 years. All of the items are original and genuine unless specified in the description. As a collector I am particularly fussy about the quality of the items being offered for sale. All of the items that are placed on the sites are accurately described in respect to condition and detail; values for the items are reflected in the quality of the items. All signatures are thoroughly researched from data bases as well as an extensive library of exemplar signatures in my personal collection and are accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity. As well as autographs we offer a selection of antiquarian and collectable books and magazines. All items sold come with a detail report of condition and the authentication. We are offering good quality reasonably priced items for sale; please feel free to browse our catalogue. We would happy to answer any question you may have. **Disclaimer** Our offering of artefacts from the Third Reich is based upon an intense interest in the history of the Second World War, an event that has in some way touched us all. In no way does our offering suggest sympathy with, or an embrace of, the beliefs of National Socialism, fascism, or racism. We are interested in keeping and promoting the furtherance of history, be it good or bad or about the victor or the vanquished. **International buyers note** There are some various laws that prevent citizen’s right to buy, own, or display any Third Reich material to the extent that purchase, ownership or display of such material could result in items being seized, incurring fines or penalties, incarceration. We are not familiar with the laws of other countries. Purchases of items from this site are the responsibility buyer to ensure they have reviewed and are aware of any associated laws of their country. By making a purchase of material from this site international buyers are also assuring the seller that they have acted within the laws of their own.